Hyland USB Track Timer

Hyland USB Track Timer


The All NEW and improved USB chargeable Hyland Track Timer and Light.
Light weight (45grams) and designed to sit on your helmet perfectly without movement while riding.
Designed with a rubber shock absorbing casing for high durability.

Elastic band to attached the Track Timer to your helmet.
USB cable - Fully charged the Track Timer can last up to a full week and more.
*The back of the light has also been designed so the Track Time can be affixed to the helmet harness strap.

Functions available with the light when you press the button;

  • 1st press - This will turn the beeper on only
  • 2nd press - This enables the light & beeper to go simultaneous.
  • 3rd press - This will turn the light on only
  • 4th press - Off

Beeping pitch sounds every 1 second
Sound: 90-100 decibels

Light flashes every 1 second
Flashing light available in Blue, Red or White

Note: Waterproof casing and control board, can be used in heavy rain but not into the water directly.
The Track Timer should be affixed to the helmet with the ON/OFF button facing up and the charge and speaker facing down

Warranty: 12 months