Racelite Pro Safety Vest

Racelite Pro Safety Vest

Sorry , this vest is unavailable at the moment. News of arrival into Australia asap

Designed for high-performance jockeys, Racelite Pro is the lightest, most comfortable vest on the market and adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality. Certified by the Australian Racing Board, Standard level 1:1998 and incorporating adjustable side fasteners for improved fit and comfort, Racelite Pro has been designed to meet the demands of race riding, delivering comfort and protection at the lightest weight levels.

" The lightest body protector on the market
" Developed using the latest protection technology

Double Ventilation and Heat Tested
" Heat is released via the perforated protection panels
" Breathable outer netting
" Heat tested at 40 degrees Celsius and over

Ultimate comfort
" Series of independently hinged sections mould to the body's contours
" slim line design
" Adjustable side fasteners
" Removable side panels
" Removable crotch strap

Engineered for safety
Certified ARB, Standard level 1:1998