Rome Racing Tech Stirrups - Assorted Colors

Rome Racing Tech Stirrups - Assorted Colors



Weight: approx 96g (+/- 2g manufacturing tolerence)
Tread length: 88mm
Elliptical tread width: from 23.70mm to 31.50mm
Gloss finish
Available in a variety of colours

The tread has been designed in collaboration with professional jockeys, the grip has been designed to provide riders with the best adherence, despite the reduced size of the tread.
If compared with other stirrups of the same category, a difference in the tread width can be noticed.

Such a difference has been created to provide riders with a greater support surface while maintaining the maximum lightness.

Rome horse riding stirrups undergo a breaking strength test to verify their resistance (stress breaking test of 1163kg).

Approved by Racing Victoria

Made in Italy.

They have been manufactured with a special aluminium alloy, so to be extremely light and resistant. Each stirrup is made from a single aluminium billet and assembled with stainless steel screws.
The rings undergo anodising treatment (20 micron) to preserve their aesthetic quality , while the pads have a honed surface.

Each set of Tech Stirrups is backed with a 3 year warranty from the date of purchase in case of materials or manufacturing defects.